Why Pop Up Play for Grown Ups?

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My friend Vivian and I are hosting a “Pop Up Play Session for Grown Ups” next month.  I think you should join us.  Why, you might ask?

Because it will be fun!

Adults as a whole can’t be bothered to play much and it can be a bit silly to many suggest otherwise.  We have jobs, children to raise, bills to pay, chores to do, ailments to deal with, parents to take care of and everything else under the sun to do instead.  We have to-do lists and of course they have to be taken care of.

There is a lack of appreciation and understanding of what play is among the majority of the adult world.  Most people see play as something childish, and fair enough, it is primarily the domain of children.  To over-simplify things, children are process oriented and adults are more product oriented.  Take some purple paint: the three year olds I teach want to explore every facet of this substance.  What happens when it’s on paper? On the table?  On the side of the shelf?  What happens when the paint pot is filled with water? In truth, “childish” investigations are never ending and the primary way young children build their brains and further their development.

Adults on the other hand might not touch the paint at all.  Many would tell themselves they are no good at art and laugh off any activity involving the purple paint.  If the end product would not be “good,” what is the point of doing it at all?

I don’t think we will have any paint at this pop-up session but we maintain play is necessary for us as we grow into adults as well.

When you come join as at the lovely HEART Cafe Courtyard we are going to have stuff for you to play with (mainly recycled loose parts from SCRAP), a few choice quotes posted around, and most importantly permission for you to simply play – alone or with others.  You might not know how to start.  You might feel awkward because you don’t want to look silly in front of complete strangers or you genuinely won’t get the point of it all.

We are confident though that if you give yourself the time and permission to just get lost in just messing around with the junk, you will  enjoy the process in and of itself.  Your ever present and stressful to-do list might even float out of the foreground of  your mind for a while.  Your guard might come down for a bit and you will let yourself enjoy the company of people you don’t yet know.  There is connection, mindfulness and fun to be found when we start to value the means of a chosen activity just as much as the ends. Our lives are meant to be enjoyed!




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