Rediscovering Play for Adults 22/7

Rediscovering Play

Next month my friend Vivian and I are hosting our first “Rediscovering Play for Adults workshop” in Leeds.  I hope if you are around, you consider coming!

If it’s not obvious enough from this blog, I am endlessly fascinated by children’s play.  It is vital for their development and I am worried how it continues to decrease over the years.  I am trying to start advocating for it more in and outside of Early Years settings and schools.

But enough about kids.  I am learning more and more that play and playfulness isn’t something we should entirely leave behind as we enter adulthood.  Taking some time for ourselves to have fun “just playing” by ourselves or with others isn’t something to be ashamed of or be embarassed about.

There won’t be any corny ice breakers or mandatory activities with people you don’t know.  We will simply provide a space, time and “permission” to play.

You might feel rusty, silly or worry what others might think of you at first but I promise you innate sense of playfulness is still with you, it just needs a little refresher!

Facebook Event page

Eventbrite Event Page


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